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Zombie Games

You like zombies? We are lovers of everything that has to do with the zombies. So much so that we have prepared a special section for zombies. We have a large collection of zombie games for your dawdle and spend a great time playing our games. Our games are extremely fun. In some of our games you will have to be a zombie, in some other of our games you will have to defend yourself from the evil zombies that are attacking the earth.
Imagine being the last inhabitant of the earth, as they are all infected with a zombie virus. You have to save the planet. With the help of our training, you can train hard to be the best and be able to fend off these evil zombies. As you go you can buy many weapons fighting high caliber. you have to have prior experience to use them, so you just start to play with guns if you know how to use them. Do not worry if you can not use guns, we’ll teach you how to use them.

Screenshot 2016-07-13 at 12.51.00 Sniper Games

Sniper Duty

This is a shooting game with good graphics and high difficulty . You must shoot at soldiers try to aim…

Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 22.11.57 Sniper Games


In this game you have to kill the zombies who seized the planet and free the reenes they have in…