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Tycoon Games

You like games of tycoons? To us we love these games. So much so that we have developed a special category so you can play and have fun with these incredible games magnates. Start playing with little money and learn to use, the money you’ll be able to start your become a millionaire. Acquires houses and boats. Acquires all editions, maybe if accounts with money you can buy too many departments and airplanes. The more money you have, surely you’ll spend more. You can start buying small and rent them countries.
Business purchase with the money you have so you can get a return on investment. Our games will help you manage your money as you can in an easy way. From simulation to time management, in these great games you’re the boss. Build the best resort. Update their complex, add attractions and get maximum revenue! Get rich and make many multinational and sell them. You are opening a workshop for fixing cars, tune them and do several things. You have to choose the character you like and start making money. New games every day. We are sure you will love.

zombie-tycoon-id Boxing Games

Zombie Tycoon

The whole neighborhood has become crazy full of monstrous zombies eating brains forward . You will not be alone in…

Screenshot 2016-07-13 at 18.14.17 Tycoon Games

Mini Market

In this case you will manage a small supermarket, the goal is to grow the store 100 days , choose…