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Sniper Games

You like sniper games? Learn to be a good sniper thanks to our collection of sniper games, most of these games are to hit over long distances using the sight of your gun and one shot, think may be able to make those shots at high distances? We believe so, but you will have to prove it. They are action games that require a steady hand and skill to hit the target. First you have to train a lot so you can have great results in testing shots.
Enjoy these games because snipers to spend an amazing time. Call all your friends, they surely will give breath so you can show how good you marksman. Once you ESTS better prepared you’ll have to join the army. In our section games army also you find the best selection of these games, but for now you’ll have to start training hard to be the best shooter ever. You think you can be the best in games sniper? Prove it now.

Screenshot 2016-07-13 at 12.51.00 Sniper Games

Sniper Duty

This is a shooting game with good graphics and high difficulty . You must shoot at soldiers try to aim…

Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 22.11.57 Sniper Games


In this game you have to kill the zombies who seized the planet and free the reenes they have in…